Are two-year institutions accepted?
Yes. As long as they are regionally or nationally accredited.

What can be counted towards the business requirement?
Business can be economics, marketing, management, statistics, business law, finance, business information systems, etc.

Are graduate level accounting courses awarded more credits than a junior/senior level accounting course?
Yes. A graduate level accounting course, to meet the accounting requirement, not to meet the total amount of hours, can be mulitplied by 1.5.

How long does the academic credential evaluation take?
Due to the high volume of applications, the evaluation can take anywhere from two to three weeks.

Do my exam credits expire?

How are quarter hours counted to meet the total amount of hours?
Multiply the quarter hours by .6666667.

Do transcripts need to be sent directly to NASBA?
No. Transcripts need to be sent to the applicant in a sealed envelope. The envelope must not be opened and must be attached with the application for academic credential evaluation. If the school will not send the transcript directly to the applicant, the school can send it to NASBA.  Please make sure that the transcript is addressed to the licensing department. Be aware that having the transcripts sent in separately could delay the process.

Can law courses given through the accounting department be counted toward the accounting requirement?

If there is a course that I feel is questionable as to whether or not it would count toward the accounting requirement, what should I do?
Submit a course description, obtained from the school or the school’s website,with the application for academic credential evaluation.

If I am an exam candidate and I did not meet the 150 hour requirement at the time of applying for the exam, what do I do?
You must submit the AECR application with your updated transcript information. Once the evaluation is complete, your file will be sent to the board. The board will send you the licensing application once they receive your file from us.

If I thought that I met the requirements at the time of applying, but actually did not due to some error in my transcript, lack of transcript being receieved, etc., is it possible to waive the AECR?
No. It is your responsibility to make sure that all information pertaining to the 150 semester hour requirement is received. NASBA is not responsible for notifying you that you do not meet the 150 hour requirement since you can sit for the exam with fewer requirements.

Do I need to submit all official transcripts?
Reciprocity/transfer applicants must; however, exam applicants need to submit only the transcript that wasn’t sent in during the course of sitting for the exam.