CPEtracking Program for the Tennessee State Board of Accountancy

The Tennessee State Board of Accountancy (“Board”) partnered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (“NASBA”) to offer Tennessee licensees a tool for recording and tracking their earned CPE credits. The service is open and available to all active licensed Tennessee CPAs as an optional service. All active licensees receive a letter that includes their sign-in information to use this service.

Those licensees selected for CPE audit must comply with the audit by submitting earned CPE records using the CPEtracking tool, including supporting documentation for the reporting period being audited. They must have Certificates of Completion in an electronic format such as PDF or JPEG files. Paper documents will need to be scanned in advance of entering credit information so they can be attached to the CPE credit records in their accounts. If a licensee selected for audit does not have the ability to use this platform, the Board may allow an alternative method for submitting CPE records based on the circumstances. Requests for an exception must be directed to the Board for consideration.

Once the licensee submits their CPE information for the audit, Tennessee State Board of Accountancy staff will review all submitted supporting documentation to assure that it corresponds with the CPE course and credit information supplied by the licensees and that it adheres to the Tennessee Board’s policies for acceptable supporting documentation.

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