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Washington Board Seeks Director of Investigation

The Washington State Board of Accountancy is a consumer protection agency that initially qualifies and continues to monitor the professional performance and ethical behavior of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), CPA-Inactive certificate holders, CPA firms, and non-licensee CPA firm owners, serving individual and enterprise consumers in Washington State. Our mission is to promote the dependability of…

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Washington State Board of Accountancy PO Box 9131Olympia, WA 98507-9131Phone: 360-753-2585Fax: 360-664-9190Email: customerservice@cpaboard.wa.gov

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Washington Board Gets Good Review

State Board Report October 2010 An independent review of the Washington State Board of Accountancy’s policies and procedures was completed on August 11 and resulted in the conclusion that the Board “operates exceptionally well and in accordance with all applicable laws.” The review was done by Zwillinger Greek Zwillinger & Knecht, PC, of Phoenix, AZ.…

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Three Boards Report on Dramatic Year

State Board Report November 2009 Unusual developments at the Connecticut, New York and Washington Boards were summarized for the Annual Meeting audience by David Guay (CT), Mary Beth Nelligan‐Goodman (NY) and Richard C. Sweeney (WA). Connecticut Board Executive Director Guay described his agency’s struggle for survival. “The emphasis was not on the quality of the Board’s…

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