Committee Charge

Nominate officers and directors, in accordance with NASBA’s Bylaws.


Gaylen R. Hansen, CPA (CO)

Central Region:
Jeffrey A. Leiserowitz, CPA (KS)
Alternate: John E. Peterson, Ph.D. (SD)

Great Lakes Region:
Claireen Herting, CPA, J.D. (IL)
Alternate: M.A. “Maggie” Houston, CPA (OH)

Middle-Atlantic Region:
Bobby R. Creech, Jr., CPA (SC)
Alternate: Barton W. Baldwin, CPA (NC)

Mountain Region:
Patrick M. Thorne, CPA, MBA, CGMA (NV)
Alternate: Karen Forrest Turner, Ph.D., CPA (CO)

Northeast Region:
Michael Weinshel, CPA (CT)
Alternate: James S. Ciarcia (CT)

Pacific Region:
Thomas T. Ueno, CPA (HI)
Alternate: Ruben A. Davila, CPA, Esq. (CA)

Southeast Region:
Lisa Mays Stickel, CPA (TN)
Alternate: Charles Calhoun, III, DBA, CPA (FL)

Southwest Region:
Michael A. Tham, CPA (LA)
Alternate: James Wyatt Goad, CPA (MS)

NASBA Staff Liaisons

Ken L. Bishop
President and Chief Executive Officer

Anita Holt
Executive Assistant to the President and Chief Executive Officer

Gaylen R. Hansen, CPA
2015 Committee Chair