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GAO Looks to NASBA Tracking Process

State Board Report May 2009 NASBA’s process for tracking the status of federal agency referrals to state boards has been recognized in the Government Accountability Office’s “Single Audit Improvements” (GAO‐09‐307R) as a step toward addressing the recommendations in the PCIE’s (President’s Council on Integrity and Efficiency) June 2007 Report on National Single Audit Sampling Project…

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2008 Regional Meetings, Laurie Tish and Dwight Hadley, Answering the Call: Referral Process and Enforcement Assistance

June 2008 NASBA Regional Meeting Comments from Associated Press regarding the inability of State Boards to respond to referrals from the SEC Issuance of the National Single Audit Sampling Project identifying numerous substandard audits in selected sample: Recommendation: “Enter into dialogue with the AICPA and State Boards of Accountancy, through the National Association of State…

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