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African Accountants Adopt International Standards

State Board Report June 2012 At the inaugural meeting of the Pan African Federation of Accountants (PAFA) General Assembly, on May 4 in Tunis, Tunisia, the organization resolved to adopt International Standards on Auditing, International Public Sector Accounting Standards, International Education Standards, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), International Financial Reporting Standards for Small and Medium…

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Analysis of Global Qualifications Coming

State Board Report October 2011 An analysis of the qualification, education and training of accountants in selected countries around the world is being prepared by a team led by Gert H. Karreman of the Center for Business Studies at Leiden University in the Netherlands. At NASBA’s Fourth International Regulators Forum, held in July, Professor Karreman described…

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2008 Regional Meeting, International Standards and Regulation

June 12 , 2008 The U.S. state boards of accountancy — that is, NASBA’s member boards — represent 646,000 accountants and 55 regulatory boards, which, as David Costello observed this morning, constitutes the largest accounting regulatory body in the world. It is essential that this body, whose members are mandated to protect the public interest,…

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