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Uniform Accountancy Rules Article 7

Article 7 of the Uniform Accountancy Rules references Permits to Practice, Firms. The objective of this reporting rule is primarily to reinforce the Board’s efforts to ensure that only appropriately qualified CPA firms are engaged in the offering and rendering of services subject to compliance assurance. Based upon its review of the reports submitted pursuant…

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NASBA Submits Amicus Brief in Peer Review Case

State Board Report November 2010 The Alabama State Board of Public Accountancy’s peer review requirement is being challenged by a CPA firm as being “arbitrary and capricious in nature, and not tied to any ascertainable standard or methodology.” On November 8, NASBA submitted its amicus curiae brief in support of the Board’s position in the…

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BRP Continues Debate

State Board Report October 2010 While the AICPA/FAF/NASBA Blue Ribbon Panel (BRP) on Private Company Standard Setting members have agreed that more attention needs to be paid to private companies’ problems with financial reporting standards, the 18‐member body has not yet resolved how this should be accomplished. At the conclusion of the October 8, 2010…

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Accounting Enrollment Up 4.7%

State Board Report September 2009 2007‐08 saw an increase in accounting enrollment of 4.7 percent, reports the AICPA’s 2009 Trends in the Supply of Accounting Graduates and the Demand for Public Accounting Recruits, which can be downloaded from the AICPA’s Web site www.aicpa.org. Based on the responses from 241 schools, the survey found an equal…

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