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NASBA Bylaws

National Association of State Boards of Accountancy The purpose of the Association shall be to provide an organization to protect, promote, foster and advance the common interests and welfare of boards of accountancy of the various states of the United States, its territories and the District of Columbia. The Association shall provide a forum for…

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Examination Review Board

April 23, 2010 Since the advent of the CBT, it has become increasingly obvious that an ERB structure developed under a paper and pencil exam format does not offer the  most effective means to accomplishing the principal objectives as set forth in the bylaws and repeated in the CBT Agreement. The following issues are addressed…

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Request for Nominating Committee Members

March 12, 2009 Nominating Committee Members: Request for recommendations went out on Friday TO: State Board Chairs /Presidents, Executive Directors, Board of Directors, Board of Accountancy Members and Associates: On behalf of Nominating Committee Chair, Samuel K. Cotterell, I am sending this request for recommendations for the NASBA Nominating Committee. At this year’s 2009 Regional…

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Vice Chair Recommendations for 2008-2009

January 7, 2008 MEMORANDUM To: State Board Chairs/Presidents; State Board Executive Directors; NASBA Delegates: From: Wesley P. Johnson, Chair, NASBA Nominating Committee Re: Vice Chair recommendations for 2008-2009 The NASBA Nominating Committee is now calling for your Board’s recommendation(s) for Vice Chair of NASBA for the 2008-2009 year. We would be pleased if your board…

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