Administration and Finance Committee
W. Michael Fritz
Audit Committee
Faye D. Miller
Awards Committee
Theodore W. Long, Jr.
Bylaws Committee
Katrina Salazar
CBT Administration Committee
Tyrone E. Dickerson
Communications Committee
Kenya Y. Watts
Compliance Assurance Committee
Stephen F. Langowski
CPA Examination Review Board
Douglas W. Skiles
CPE Committee
John F. Dailey, Jr.
Diversity Committee
Alison L. Houck
Education Committee
Stephanie M. Saunders
Enforcement Resources Committee
Maria E. Caldwell
Ethics Committee
Catherine R. Allen
Executive Directors Committee
Grace Berger
International Qualifications Appraisal Board
Sharon A. Jensen
Legislative Support Committee
J. Andy Bonner, Jr.
Nominating Committee
Janice L. Gray
Past Chair Advisory Council
Janice L. Gray
Regulatory Response Committee
W. Michael Fritz
Relations with Member Boards Committee
C. Jack Emmons
Standard-Setting Advisory Committee
Richard N. Reisig
State Society Relations Committee
Michael Colgan
Uniform Accountancy Act Committee
J. Coalter Baker

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