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NASBA Diversity Task Force Meets

State Board Report September 2013 Action steps to promote diversity within NASBA’s leadership are being proposed by a special task force created by NASBA Past Chair Mark P. Harris (LA). The inspiration for the task force’s formation came from the “Fishbowl Contest,” Mr. Harris organized last year, which garnered several suggestions that NASBA work to…

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NASBA Explores Ways to Increase Diversity in Accounting Profession

Author: Andy Goldstein, NASBA Electronic Media Specialist and Webmaster
Posted: January 17, 2013

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President’s Memo: Photos on the Wall

State Board Report September 2012 Have you ever been watching a television broadcast when the commentator warns that an upcoming video may contain graphic content so that you may want to divert your eyes? Well, this article may contain content that is politically edgy to some (just in case you want to go on to…

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Description of AICPA BOE and Related Committees

September 4, 2008 Description of AICPA Board of Examiners and Related Committees Criteria for Appointment to the Board of Examiners and its Committees The criteria for service are based upon factors such as an individual’s professional experience, knowledge and skills, firm affiliation, locale, past service, and state board of accountancy experience. Membership is limited to…

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