Updated: 4/30/20

Test Centers

When will test centers re-open?
Prometric is opening their test centers on an individual site basis. First and foremost, Prometric is adhering to regional guidelines and restrictions. If local government determines it is safe to re-open their site(s) in that area, Prometric will then begin the preparation process. They will ensure their staff are healthy, equipped with all necessary materials to re-open, and trained on their new social distancing practices. A site will be opened only if it meets all of the requirements outlined above.

My state is supposed to open-up today according to my governor. Why is my exam still canceled?
Prometric is adhering to social distancing recommendations outlined by the WHO and CDC to limit the potential spread of COVID-19 in their centers. In accordance to the above-mentioned policies, Prometric will only allow candidates to test up to every other seat in order to provide the recommended social distance between test takers. Click here for a full list of those policies.

I live in a highly infected area with a stay-at-home order that is strictly enforced (ex: New York City). Why am I not able to test if I am considered “essential”?
Prometric will be complying with local government recommendations and restrictions when considering opening a test center. They cannot open their centers if the local authorities do not permit them to do so.

How will social distancing impact me as a test-taker? How long will it last?
Prometric has implemented new social distancing practices at all of its open test centers. They can be found here under the section “Test Center Actions.” While they do expect this to be temporary, Prometric will be abiding by these guidelines for as long as the situation warrants such precautions.

Where can I find a list of open test centers?
Prometric has provided a link to test centers that are open for testing. Please click on the link, which will be updated regularly.

Email Communications

I got an email from Prometric that said my exam was canceled, but it did not specify which of my multiple scheduled exams were canceled. What do I do?
We realize this may have caused some confusion. Prometric sent a follow up email on April 28th that specified the date of the exam that was canceled.

I got an email from Prometric that said my exam was canceled but when I check the scheduling website, my exam is still scheduled. What should I do?
While the scheduling website may not reflect that information yet, your appointment will be canceled. Please reschedule another appointment free of charge to find the best times for you to test.

I heard on message boards the initial email blast sent out on April 27th was a mistake. This is further proven by my appointment online still being listed as “scheduled.” What is the status of my appointment?
If you received an email from Prometric stating that your exam was canceled, it is not a mistake. While the scheduling system may still indicate your exam is “scheduled,” your appointment will soon be canceled. You do not have to wait for your appointment status to be “canceled” in order to reschedule. You may reschedule at your convenience on their website.

I received an email stating my exam was canceled due to social distancing on April 27th and promptly rescheduled as I was directed to. I then got another email on April 29th stating my exam was confirmed, but it had the wrong date. The date in the April 29th email was the test date I was told was canceled. What is going on?
Prometric experienced a brief technical issue that resulted in a glitch in their April 29th communication. They apologize for the confusion this has caused. Prometric has sent out a clarifying email to all affected candidates.

I did not get an email about my exam being canceled, but I am not sure if the test center in my area is even open. What do I do?
If you did not get an email stating your exam was canceled but aren’t sure if your local site is open, please check the open-site list on for the most up-to-date list of sites that are open for testing. Additionally, Prometric will be sending out emails to confirm appointments at least a few days prior to your scheduled test date, if not sooner. Please check your email for this information.

Prometric Resources

Are the Prometric phones down?
To help ensure Prometric can work through an unprecedented amount of appointment cancellations in a timely manner, phone lines have currently been disabled. Please utilize the chat or email functionality under the “contact us” section of the Prometric website.

Where can I find the most up-to-date information for Prometric’s updates on COVID-19?
On Prometric’s website at