The Uniform CPA Examination consists of multiple-choice questions and condensed case studies called simulations. Within the simulations, candidates must do an online search of “Professional Literature” databases to answer questions. The AICPA has provided sample tests of the professional literature tool, which reflects the format and functionalities and interfaces used in the actual CPA Examination.

Exam candidates can get a free, six-month subscription to professional literature used in the computerized CPA Exam. This online package includes AICPA Professional Standards, FASB Original Pronouncements and FASB Accounting Standards Codification. Only candidates who have a valid section on their NTS may apply.

The Professional Literature Request (Proflit) functionality.

Access to the Professional Literature icon will be in the middle of the page on your NASBA CPA Candidate Account. This link will take you to your NASBA CPA Candidate account to make your request: NASBA CPA Candidate Account.

Once in the NASBA CPA Candidate system, on the left side of the screen will be an icon of an open book. 

Beneath the book it will read “Professional Literature Requests.” (As seen below.)

Click the “Professional Literature” tab to move forward.

Once access has been requested, you will be redirected to the AICPA’s web address to create a one-time access password, along with a username.

The username and password will give you direct access to the Professional Literature material provided by the AICPA.

Protect your username and password. These credentials will remain the same for the duration of your CPA Exam testing experience.