Data from the Uniform CPA Exam allow us to gather targeted, reliable information about demand for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) credential in the United States and abroad.

We make this information available to you – for your region and worldwide. These statistics, available only from NASBA, give you the best indication of the market today AND tomorrow.

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2014 Candidate and School Performance statistics now available!

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Candidate Performance

An annual publication of average scores and CPA exam candidate demographics for the CPA exam taken over the past four quarters. Look at year-to-year changes for emerging trends in CPA exam candidates.

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School Performance

This product helps meet the needs of numerous educational institutions by including more granular views into the performance of each school. In addition to the standard ranking, performance by region and program size will provide a view into performance among peer institutions.

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Custom Reports

Direct name matching of students generates a report tailored to the performance of a graduating class or academic program.

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