Score Release Timetables for the January/February (’13Q1) and April/May (’13Q2) testing windows

The timetable below is for the January/February and April/May 2013 testing windows to help you plan your testing schedule.

Scores for the Uniform CPA Exam will be released by NASBA to state boards of accountancy based upon the target score release dates listed in the table below. Please be advised that some state boards of accountancy require at least one day beyond the published target dates listed in the table to process and release exam scores.

Day in Testing Window* Target Release Date Timeline Target ’13Q1 Score Release Target ’13Q2 Score Release
Day 1 – 20 11 business days following day 20 of the testing window February 5 May 6
Day 21 – 45 6 business days following day 45 of the testing window February 25 May 23
Day 46 – Close of window 6 business days following the close of the testing window March 11 June 10
After Close of Window 6 business days after receiving all scoring data for the testing window TBD TBD

* Day that the test results are received by the AICPA

Note: “Day in Testing Window” refers to the date AICPA receives the test result, not the test date. Additionally, some candidates who take the BEC section might receive their scores approximately one week following the target release date due to additional analysis that might be required for the written communication tasks. Scores are generally released during regular business hours.

We encourage you to visit the Psychometrics and Scoring page on the Exams website for information about score release and the scoring process, including the CPA Exam Score Release Timeline FAQs.

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