NASBA Chair Janice Gray reported to the NASBA Board of Directors that the following individuals recommended by NASBA have been recently appointed to outside groups:

  • Board of Examiners: Kathleen Smith (NE), James Corley (AR) (as executive directors’ representative) and Sheldon Holzman (IL). (Mr. Holzman had been an AICPA appointee, but will represent NASBA for one additional year.)
  • National Peer Review Committee: James Gero (OH)
  • Professional Ethics Executive Committee: Lawrence Wojcik (IL)
  • Auditing Standards Board: Jeanne Dee (MO). Also reappointed Gaylen Hansen (CO) for an additional year.
  • Accounting and Review Services Committee: Tom Prothro (TX)
  • Financial Accounting Foundation: Former NASBA Chair Diane Rubin (CA) was elected to serve as Vice Chair.

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