The Accountancy Licensee Database (ALD) and CPAverify are currently housing data from 51 Boards of Accountancy. Three re-implementations are underway now (MA, AL, and NH). Of the remaining four boards not yet participating, all are underway except for Utah. The ALD/CPAverify Committee is developing official Data Use Policies, which will provide guidance to ALD users, practitioners, interested parties, NASBA employees, Board of Accountancy employees, and others.

The Accountancy Licensee Database (ALD) and CPAverify are currently housing data from 51 Boards of Accountancy. One re-implementation is currently in the final stages of testing (MA). We continue to work with the four boards not yet participating to get them on board and continue to work with boards to add disciplinary data and firm data to their ALD feeds.

NEW! Non-Licensed Resident Report Available

If you are looking for a way to be proactive in enforcement, there is a new ALD report available called the “Non-Licensed Resident Report”. This report is jurisdiction-specific and can be generated to pull any individuals and firms with a business, home, or mailing address located within a state, but for which no license or registration exists in that state. The report was initially created for Alabama, but can be requested by any Board. Contact the ALD Manager, Jill Gordon at, to request a report.

Process to Collect Discipline Under Mobility to Begin Soon

NASBA will begin to collect and house the disciplinary data for Board actions taken under Mobility provisions. Executive Directors will be able to submit this information for the ALD via an easy-to-complete form. Executive Directors should expect to receive an email in the coming weeks explaining the purpose and process for submitting the form and information. This is another key component that helps support Mobility. All BOAs are encouraged to submit any disciplinary actions they have taken against licensees practicing in their state under Mobility.

Help Us Improve the ALD

Authorized ALD users should be on the lookout for our ALD Survey in the next few months. We are looking for feedback to help with the future of the ALD. We will also be surveying public users of CPAverify to collect their feedback about their user experience.

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