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State Board Report

November 2016

All 55 Boards of Accountancy were represented at NASBA’s 109th Annual Meeting, held in Austin, TX, October 30 – November 2, 2016. NASBA 2015-16 Chair Donald Burkett told the 343 attendees at the opening session: “We cannot be successful if you are not successful,” as he explained the Annual Meeting’s theme was “Evolve.” NASBA had spent $8.9 million in services to the Boards this year and expects to spend more in the coming year, he noted. Mr. Burkett reported that he had addressed the AICPA Council the previous week and assured them that regulation when done right is no small task. He told the NASBA meeting that he had advised the AICPA: “We will never hesitate to disagree if it is not in the best interests of the Boards of Accountancy.”

The meeting began with a welcome from Texas Secretary of State Carlos H. Cascos, CPA. “Every state should have at least one CPA in its cabinet,” Secretary Cascos said with a smile. He explained that government’s first job is to create an environment that is conducive for job creation – and Texas has done that. It is the top state in exports, including technology exports. Secretary Cascos pointed out that 63 percent of the US border with Mexico is with Texas and the state’s developing relationship with Mexico is a good one. He noted that 6,000 jobs in Texas are a result of trade with Mexico.

His remarks were followed by Medal of Honor recipient Sergeant Dakota Meyer, who told all to avoid becoming “victims of circumstances.” He urged them to instead decide every day what they are going to achieve. “We need to stop hoping and start doing,” he said.

Another call for action came from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland’s (ICAS) Chief Executive Anton Colella: “I believe we create accountants who are men and women of outstanding integrity. It should be the passion and driving force of every regulator to create generations of outstanding leaders.” Expanding the basic professional code of conduct, Mr. Colella suggested an additional ethical principle should be “moral courage.” Last year he announced an ICAS initiative called the “Power of One” that seeks to have the development of “personal ethical leadership” come close behind “technical excellence.” He called on the global profession to bring up the next generation of accountants. Mr. Colella concluded his remarks with the hope that negotiations for mutual recognition of the Chartered Accountants and CPAs would be accomplished in the near future.

Total attendance for the NASBA Annual Meeting was 449. This issue of the State Board Report focused on only some highlights of that meeting. At the Annual Business meeting the proposed slate of officers was elected (see photo on page 1). Videos of some of the 109th Annual Meeting’s presentations will be found on

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