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State Board Report

September 2016

NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT) President Alfonzo Alexander and NASBA Director of Continuous Improvement & Analytics James Suh were among the featured speakers at the meetings held in conjunction with the American Accounting Association’s Annual Meeting, August 6-10 in New York City. The meeting marked the AAA’s first 100 years representing accounting educators. Mr. Alexander spoke at the 21st Annual Ethics Symposium, a pre-conference “boot camp” encouraging and supporting ethics education. He described the StudentCPT program’s approach to influence students’ professionalism and ethical conduct in practice. He told the educators: “Changing and shaping behavior takes collaboration between the academic and business communities.”

Mr. Suh addressed a breakout session on the practical applications for statistical information obtained from CPA candidates.

A NASBA booth in the AAA conference’s exhibition hall was staffed by NASBA representatives who discussed with attendees: the candidate data available through NASBA, the advantages of partnering with Center for the Public Trust StudentCPT chapters, and how CPA Examination Services works with the State Boards and the CPA candidates. In addition, the attendees were reminded that ALL (the Accountancy Licensee Library) is made available free-of-charge to all schools’ departments of accounting.

NASBA President Ken Bishop attended the centennial meeting and the related Ph.D. Project events. He assured all of NASBA’s continuing support for the Project.

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