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State Board Report

July 2016

State Boards of Accountancy were urged at NASBA’s June Regional Meetings to enforce their current laws that prevent consumer confusion created by professional titles. NASBA President Ken L. Bishop recommended the Boards take three steps:

  1. Recognize your law is a good law. The Uniform Accountancy Act prohibits the use of confusing titles. NASBA has done a detailed analysis of every state law and has reached out to Boards’ attorneys to understand how they are interpreting this law. NASBA does not want to weaken this core protection for the public or the profession.
  2. Enforce the law.
  3. Just say, "No." Don’t say it is okay to use confusing language in your state.


Recognizing that some states may be eager to change the law on titles to allow management designations, President Bishop reported to the Boards that NASBA and AICPA staff are developing model language that could be placed in state law and not potentially harm the public. This would be language for the Boards’ consideration after going through the Uniform Accountancy Act Committee’s vetting process.

"We are not putting stakes in the ground with historic positions. The language in the UAA has served us very well if you look back at the use of the word ‘accountant’ in conjunction with other words," President Bishop remarked. "However, some states may want to change the language and we want to do it correctly, to develop language in a safe harbor. We are running it up the flag pole."

President Bishop told the meetings that NASBA is also ready to work with the AICPA on changes needed for the Peer Review Program.

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