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State Board Report

July 2016

North Carolina State Board of CPA Examiners President Michael H. Womble welcomed 188 participants to NASBA’s Eastern Regional Meeting in Asheville, June 7-9, with the words: "My mantra is: ‘We must evolve.’ That is what these meetings allow us to do." Similarly, Colorado State Board of Accountancy Chair Kristal L. Bernert welcomed 187 participants to NASBA’s Western Regional Meeting in Denver, June 22-24, with enthusiasm and tips on area attractions.

Chair Donald H. Burkett (SC) and President and CEO Ken L. Bishop presented an update covering NASBA’s many activities in support of the State Boards, with details being provided by other meeting speakers.

"There are a lot of uniformity issues," President Bishop observed. "There is always some conflict between uniformity and states’ rights." NASBA will support the states’ rights, he assured the Boards, but added: "In a world of mobility, it is confusing to have differences." Among the areas he cited were use of title, peer review and Code of Conduct.

Chair Burkett quoted Linda Ferrell, distinguished professor of leadership and ethics at Belmont University and a member of the NASBA Center for the Public Trust Board: "Your principles are non-negotiable. They are your true North." Mr. Burkett said he shares that quote with the accounting and business students, as well as with the State Board members.

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