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State Board Report

July 2016

The phrase "preventing consumer confusion" summarizes what the U.S. Supreme Court has said about commercial speech, Texas State Board of Public Accountancy Legal Counsel J. Randel Hill explained at the Regional Meetings.

In 2006 the Texas Board commissioned an independent consultant to determine the public’s perception of the use of the terms "accountant" and "accounting services." The survey found 65 percent of those interviewed believed persons referring to themselves as "accountants" or "accounting firms" in advertising were licensed by the State. In the financial services sector, the survey found 76 percent believed a person or firms that advertise auditing services to the public are required to be licensed by the State. The Texas Board opens 300-400 such cases per year; about 85 percent are closed immediately because the individuals did not realize they were not allowed to use those terms; 14 percent sign a consent agreement and only 1 percent go to an injunction.

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