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State Board Report

March 2016

Continuing to focus on how accreditors of higher education are meeting the expectations of the State Boards of Accountancy, a task force including representatives of NASBA, the AICPA and the American Accounting Association have been discussing how best to follow-up on the Accreditation Forum held in Washington, DC, on January 29.

"We want to work with accreditors to understand how accreditation is responding to the changing higher education environment, and determine how to appropriately draft regulations regarding education and licensure," NASBA Director of Continuous Improvements and Analytics James Suh explained. The tri-party group wants to identify and build a clear stakeholder group and then to create a functional timeline to be shared with all. Mr. Suh said the tri-party group expects to determine what the profession can fix, what can be fixed with the help from accreditors and other external stakeholders, and what cannot be fixed.

The NASBA representatives to the tri-party group are NASBA Past Chair Carlos E. Johnson (OK) and Education Committee Chair Raymond N. Johnson, with Mr. Suh and Associate Director – Business Development and Research Brentni Henderson-King.

One of the key conclusions from the January 29 conference was that regional accreditation of educational institutions is necessary, but not sufficient for the State Boards’ purposes, Mr. Suh reported. There is a sense that transcript transparency, and standardization around transfer credit practices may be the forefront of the issues that the accreditors are facing, he observed. Among the materials the task force is studying are documents from major accounting firms, the Chamber of Commerce and other regulated professions.

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