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State Board Report

March 2016

The AACSB has alerted accounting department chairmen of their member universities that to comply with the AACSB’s updated Standard 4 they are required to provide additional information regarding student achievements on their websites by July 1, 2016. To help the schools provide this information, the AACSB is advising them to turn to NASBA sources, either through purchase of the 2015 statistics, or by using the 2013 edition of the NASBA statistics which is public data available free of charge.

Examples of the information to be shown on the websites include certification or licensure exam results, graduation rates and job placement outcomes. Professors Fred Mittelstaedt and Mark Ulrich, co-chairs of the AACSB Education Regulation Committee, wrote to the accounting department deans: "Given that accounting is the primary business discipline with a licensure exam, the dean [of the business school] may request your CPA Exam results. Because accounting standards require separately accredited accounting departments to comply with business standards, including Standard 4, we strongly encourage accounting departments to report some of the above student achievement information on their own websites."

They advised the chairmen that James Suh’s APLG/FSA meeting presentation on CPA Exam performance reporting issues in conjunction with assurance of learning is being placed on the American Accounting Association’s website.

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