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State Board Report

February 2016

NASBA has launched its Experience Verification Service in response to requests from State Boards for more in-depth proof of experience outside the United States. President and CEO Ken Bishop told the January Board of Directors meeting that the new service will enable international candidates to have their experience measured and checked by U.S. CPAs. This will enable those who have passed the Uniform CPA Examination outside the United States to obtain verification of the completion of their experience for licensure as required within the three-year period after taking and passing the Examination outside the country.

"We are working with people in the Middle East who can get information where we can’t," President Bishop explained. "We know there are experience mills out there where people will sign off on anything. We are doing international background checks to ensure people are who they claim to be. This will be a great public protection service for the Boards that require experience be signed off by a U.S. CPA."

Another NASBA service being given special attention on the basis of State Board requests is CPE Tracking. Mr. Bishop told the Board of Directors that the further development of this sophisticated system is being given top priority by the IT team and should be completed by mid-September 2016.

NASBA is instituting more formal quarterly business reviews to ensure its business units are fitting their activities into the strategic plan. "We are working on changing the NASBA culture and how it coordinates with the strategic plan," Mr. Bishop told the Board of Directors. "We are enhancing operational quality and implementing efficiencies."

Executive Vice President and COO Colleen Conrad reported 51 jurisdictions are now participating in the Accountancy Licensee Database and CPAverify, covering 99 percent of the CPAs licensed in the United States. Michigan was the most recent jurisdiction added to the databases.

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