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State Board Report

July 2015

Well over half of the Uniform CPA Examination candidates have passed all four parts within the 18-month window, NASBA Director – Continuous Improvement and Analytics James Suh reported to the Regional Meetings. In 2014 there were 91,384 unique candidates taking parts of the Examination, with 25,643 passing their fourth part. Candidates who had not passed all four parts of the Examination and had not taken an Examination section in the past 18 months are considered "drop outs," and there were 19,071 in 2014.

While 2014 saw a decline in the number of candidates, it was not uniform throughout the jurisdictions, as Alaska, the District of Columbia and Wyoming and others saw increases over 14 percent in number of candidates.

Mr. Suh reported that NASBA is engaged in new analysis and collaboration to understand the CPA pipeline. "We are getting beyond overall pass rate to support stronger understanding of candidate performance and behavior," he stated. NASBA has been hosting a data summit each year to assist educators in seeing what can be done with the information gathered on the candidates.

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