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State Board Report

July 2015

NASBA’s Regional Meetings, held June 17-19 in Coronado, CA, and June 14-16 in Baltimore, brought together representatives of 50 of the 55 Boards of Accountancy, NASBA President Ken L. Bishop proudly announced at the meetings. However, he added, "We will be at our strongest when we have every jurisdiction represented." He reported that NASBA is involved in more activities with more states than it ever has been before, having given direct support of more than $7.4 million to these efforts in the past year.

Chair Walter Davenport told the meetings that NASBA is engaged in efforts to increase the CPA candidate pipeline and its diversity. NASBA representatives have participated in the annual conference of the National Association of Black Accountants as well as other professional organizations. NASBA is also a sponsor of the Ph.D. Project, which aims to support the development of business school professors of color. President Bishop will be the keynote speaker at the Ph.D. Project’s meeting this year.

Welcoming the Western Regional Meeting, California Board Chair Jose A. Campos thanked NASBA for working with the California Board. Mr. Campos also serves as Deloitte’s Western Region Audit Diversity Leader, involved with "attracting, retaining and developing minority members of the profession." He noted: "NASBA has been a close partner every step of the way and we have been using NASBA to help drive the dialog."

The Honorable Kelly M. Schulz, Secretary of the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation welcomed the Eastern Regional Meeting by applauding their Accountancy Boards’ members for serving the public. She pointed to the Maryland Board’s early adoption of on-line licensing, CPAVerify and modernized continuing professional education standards, and said the state hopes to implement CPETracking this year. Adding to Ms. Schulz’s greeting, Maryland Board Chair Elizabeth S. Gantnier presented some fun facts about Maryland and Baltimore, the place that inspired the "Star Spangled Banner."

Regional Directors J. Coalter Baker (TX), Robert J. Cochran (VA), John F. Dailey, Jr. (NJ), W. Michael Fritz (OH), Edwin G. Jolicoeur (WA) and Benjamin C. Steele (NV) and Directors-at-Large Jimmy E. Burkes (MS) and Telford A. Lodden (IA) moderated the Regional Meetings including the highly praised Regional Breakout Sessions which gave Board representatives the opportunity to pose questions and concerns to their neighboring Boards. Among the topics raised at those sessions were: how to deal with CPAs working for marijuana industry-related clients when the legality of those operations differs from state-to-state; the length of time it takes to get bad actors out of the profession; what amount of continuing professional education can be obtained through nano learning; and Accountancy Boards’ fund balance sweeps into the states’ general funds.

During questions from the audience, President Bishop was asked about NASBA’s potential membership growth. He said legal counsel is working with the Board of Accountancy in Samoa to determine if they will become the 56th member board of NASBA.

In conjunction with the Eastern Regional Meeting, the NASBA Center for the Public Trust held its Student Leadership Conference, June 22 24. Sixty-six students from across the country were in attendance. Celebrating its tenth anniversary, the Center for the Public Trust now has 500 student members in chapters on 26 college campuses, with other chapters under development.

This issue of the sbr contains highlights from some of the Regional Meeting sessions.

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