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State Board Report

April 2015

Besides having a member on the NASBA Communications Committee, Stephanie Saunders, the Virginia Board of Accountancy has added a communications manager to its staff. Wade Jewell told the Executive Directors conference that, within three months of his becoming the Executive Director of the Virginia Board, he knew a Communications Manager was needed. Now having seen the public service video that NASBA developed for the Wyoming Board of Certified Public Accountants, Mr. Jewell said he is considering working on a similar project with NASBA for the Virginia Board.

Kelli Anderson, the Communications Manager Mr. Jewell hired, rolled out a new logo for the Virginia Board in the spring of 2014. She has redesigned the Board’s biennial newsletter so that it includes consistent sections and layout while changing content and elements to keep each issue engaging. Google Analytics is being used to monitor and analyze traffic on the Virginia Board’s website.

The Virginia Board has also used: Heatmap to give a picture of where people clicked on their site; Overlay to determine the number of clicks on each element of the page; and Confetti to distinguish and view all the clicks on the site.

Adding videos to the website can enhance what the Board is already doing, Mr. Jewell advised. The Virginia Board’s first video is an 82 second description of its "CPA Active – CPE Exempt" status.

North Carolina State Board of CPA Examiners Executive Director Robert N. Brooks suggested that NASBA create a generic public service video encouraging people to use to determine if their CPA is licensed. NASBA Communications Director Thomas Kenny responded that is one of the projects currently under discussion by the Communications Committee and NASBA staff.

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