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State Board Report

January 2015

The NASBA Uniform Accountancy Act Committee, led by Chair J. Coalter Baker (TX), will be working on several projects this year, including:

  1. Inactive/Retired CPAs – What they can and can’t do under the UAA and Model Rules and if that needs to be changed. Barton W. Baldwin (NC), Lori J. Druse (NE) and Donovan W. Rulien, II (AK);
  2. Exploring Potential Pathways for Licensing of International Professionals in the U.S. – Andrew DuBoff (NJ) and Dan Sweetwood (NE);
  3. CPE Model Rules – Karen Garrett (AR), Kenneth R. Odom (AL) and John E. Patterson (OH);
  4. Review of UAA and Model Rules – Andrew DuBoff (NJ) and David L. Dennis (FL).


These task forces will include both the NASBA UAA Committee members listed and AICPA UAA Committee representatives. As progress is made by these groups, it will be reported at upcoming NASBA meetings.

NASBA Chair Walter Davenport addressed the UAA Committee’s December conference call and thanked the members for taking on this assignment. He pointed out that the inactive/retired CPA issue has been identified as an important one for the State Boards and many are looking forward to receiving the Committee’s recommendations.

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