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State Board Report

December 2014

For years NASBA Past Chair Barton Baldwin (NC) has been sporting a beard at this time of the year to help him complete his Santa Claus disguise. Barton takes up the role annually and either donates his time as Santa or accepts honorariums to be sent to various charities, including the NASBA Center for the Public Trust, the North Carolina Association of CPAs’ Educational Foundation and Stagestruck (his local children’s theater). However, this year his ho-ho-ho’s also went to help a client’s family.

Recently, a longtime client of his CPA firm, who had been a leader and benefactor to many in his community of Mount Olive, NC, died and Barton reached out to the grieving family. He explained that he wanted to “try to put a smile back on their faces and on mine.” When he walked in among the mourners in his Santa outfit, the result was all that he had hoped for: The expressions on the grandchildren’s faces were priceless.

How did we find out about this CPA Santa’s very special activity? In speaking to Barton about his work with the NASBA Uniform Accountancy Act Committee, we asked if he had brought out his red suit for the season, and he told us about his unusual client service.

Barton served as Chair of NASBA from 2001 to 2002 and continues to be a valued, hard-working volunteer.

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