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State Board Report

November 2014

American Bankers Association President Frank Keating, World Fuel Services Corporate Chairman Emeritus Paul H. Stebbins and broadcaster Cokie Roberts brought a broader perspective to the 2014 Annual Meeting. Mr. Stebbins called on the audience to consider the national debt and asked, “Is it ethical to rob our next generation?” He encouraged all to ask their elected officials what they are doing on this issue. Similarly, former Oklahoma Governor Keating said, “Both parties are focusing on politics rather than policy.” His advice was, “Today is the beginning of the beginning.” Videos of both these talks can be found on NASBA’s YouTube channel.

Cokie Roberts, who is regularly heard on NPR radio and ABC News, commented: “I am always asked is this the most partisan time ever? No: The legislators are not shooting each other.” She reminded the audience that members of the U.S. House of Representatives would regularly have duels and shoot each other over political disputes. Vice President Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton’s duel over a political speech ended in Hamilton’s death.

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