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State Board Report

November 2014

Reviewing his year as NASBA Chair, Carlos E. Johnson said he had set the bar high for promoting NASBA’s relevance, the theme of the 2014 Annual Meeting, and he highlighted the following accomplishments that had occurred in that time:

  • NASBA became active in the Accounting Program Leadership Group and participated in the Ph.D. Project to assist minority students.
  • 50 states have signed up to use the NASBA International Evaluation Service.
  • The Diversity Task Force has strengthened NASBA’s relationship with the National Association of Black Accountants.
  • The Leadership Development Group is identifying future leaders to represent NASBA in other organizations.
  • NASBA’s nominating process is under review.
  • A major examination of the continuing professional education standards is underway.

Chair Johnson thanked the volunteers, NASBA Board and staff for moving these efforts forward.

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