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State Board Report

October 2014

Prometric President and CEO Michael Brannick visited NASBA’s Nashville office on September 30, meeting with NASBA President and CEO Ken Bishop, speaking to NASBA directors and hearing staff reports. He told the directors the NASBA/AICPA/ Prometric contract for the development, delivery and scoring of the Uniform CPA Examination had been Prometric’s first three-party contract and it has “worked pretty well.” Continuing this innovation, the three parties are trying to share with one another business strategies, he explained.

Mr. Brannick outlined Prometric’s leadership development program for its over 2,000 employees worldwide. Besides having Leaders Engaged In Prometric (LEIP), who are involved in strategic planning and control, there is also a relatively new group entitled Women Executives In Prometric (WEIP), who are engaged in developing formal mentoring programs and assisting employees who start out with different expectations. Mr. Brannick commented: “Have people expect to have equality and there will be equality.” NASBA President Ken Bishop subsequently announced the formation of Women Of NASBA (WON), to be spearheaded by Chief Information Officer Cheryl Farrar and Chief Legal Officer and Director of Compliance Services Maria Caldwell. Mr. Brannick agreed that NASBA staff representatives would be invited to attend a meeting of WEIP.

Based on Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs, Mr. Brannick developed a competency model for Prometric employees. The Apple Computer leader had a 14-point plan which Mr. Brannick summarized, and on which a 100-item multiple-choice test was developed for Prometric leaders with delivery in Prometric testing centers. This exercise not only showed Mr. Brannick their strengths and weaknesses, but it also gave the Prometric staff leaders empathy with their clients who want fair, unbiased questions, and with the clients’ test takers’ experience.

To further carry on the plan, 12 staff members were selected to be “ambassadors” of the Jobs book and were assigned to “The Values Project.” They have fanned out to others so that everyone in Prometric has a voice and every day there are about 400 people having interaction related to the vision, mission and values of the plan, Mr. Brannick reported. NASBA President Bishop has asked Senior Vice President and CFO Michael Bryant to lead a group studying the Jobs’ biography for suggestions that could assist NASBA.

Suggestions for Prometric’s strategic plan can come from all levels of the organization, Mr. Brannick explained. By leadership acknowledging that ideas can stem from anywhere, there was an increase in engagement and an increase in productivity, he observed.

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