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State Board Report

September 2014

NASBA’s exhibition at the American Accounting Association’s 2014 Annual Meeting, in Atlanta, GA, August 2-6, resulted in 30 new university accounts for NASBA’s Accountancy Licensing Library as well as more recognition of NASBA and the State Boards by educators. The meeting’s theme was “Global Engagements and Perspectives” and the AAA explained that: “Continuing to become more global means embracing varied perspectives, and having global impact and reach for our teaching, research and service to the profession.” The event drew a reported 3,900 attendees, including academics and others interested in the accounting profession and education. NASBA was represented at the meeting by NASBA Chair Carlos Johnson, NASBA Director of International Evaluation Services James Suh, NASBA Chief Relationship Officer Alfonzo Alexander plus NASBA staff members involved in the NASBA Report on the CPA Examination, compliance services and the Center for the Public Trust.

“Reaching out to the educational community is one element of the branding effort that is so important for NASBA and the State Boards,” NASBA Chair Johnson said. “We need to hear from educators and they need to hear from us. Just as we encourage Boards to reach out to their local colleges and universities, we are raising the public and academic awareness of State Boards and NASBA nationally with exhibition space and presentations at this well-attended conference.”

At the AAA meeting, Mr. Alexander facilitated a panel discussion featuring the 2013 grant recipients of NASBA’s Accounting Education Research Program, who had addressed the NASBA Regional Meetings in June 2014. He also announced the 2014 NASBA grant recipients (see SBR 6/14). Mr. Suh led a question and answer session for professors and department heads interested in finding out more about NASBA’s CPA Examination custom reporting tools.

In addition, prior to the AAA meeting, Chair Johnson, Vice Chair Walter C. Davenport (NC), NASBA Diversity Group Chair Tyrone E. Dickerson (VA) and NASBA President Ken Bishop attended the Ph.D. Project dinner honoring those minority students pursuing a Ph.D. at various academic institutions. The Ph.D. Project, of which NASBA is a cosponsor, encourages minorities at the undergraduate level to look at a career in academia.

Next year’s AAA Annual Meeting will be in Chicago and NASBA is making plans to participate.

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