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State Board Report

July 2014

The month of July is an important one at NASBA: The Regional Meetings are over; we are approaching the end of our fiscal year; and it is a time for reviewing, measuring and evaluating. It is also a time for planning, budgeting and challenging ourselves for the new fiscal year, which begins on August 1. As we are knee-deep in those processes, I’m pumped!

I am surrounded by smart folks, both volunteers and staff, some of whom review and recommend edits to pieces such as the President’s Memo, so I am somewhat reluctant to use slang such as “I’m pumped.” However, upon a Google search of “pumped,” I discovered 17,000,000 results and a myriad of uses. To be clear, I am not using the literal definition of “to force something by means of a pump,” but the new informal meaning in the Oxford English Dictionary: “Being filled with enthusiasm and excitement.”

Many of you had the opportunity to attend one of the NASBA Regional Meetings in either Louisville, Kentucky, or St. Louis, Missouri, in June. Attendance was great and almost all states and territories were represented, as were many state societies, CPA firms and accounting related organizations. The agenda provided attendees the opportunity to hear about many of the important developments happening in the profession and related to the regulation of the profession. The enthusiastic and engaged participation of the attendees in all of the plenary and breakout sessions was inspiring. Having the members of our Center for the Public Trust (CPT) Student Chapters attending and participating in the Western Regional Meeting gave the rest of us the opportunity to visit with future leaders in business and accounting. A review of attendees’ meeting evaluations confirmed what I already knew: The Meetings were a huge success…and I’m pumped!

As we prepare our financial statements and reports for the July Board of Directors’ meeting, it is clear that we are going to have another very successful year. Our business units’ products and services have contributed significantly to our ability to provide resources to Boards of Accountancy. This year we have provided unprecedented assistance to State Boards through legislative support that resulted in positive results across the country. Our State Board relations efforts have provided increased awareness of the support NASBA provides to states and have resulted in increased State Board participation in NASBA. The attendance at the Regional Meetings demonstrated that success. Finally, our new efforts in CPE audit tools, legal support, and branding and communications continue to enhance the relevance and effectiveness of Boards of Accountancy. I’m pumped!

With our budgeting and planning for the next (fiscal) year well underway, we know we are going to be busy. We are working with the AICPA in developing the Uniform CPA Examination of the future and the consideration of new and improved peer review processes. Internally, we are updating and replacing our IT infrastructure, as well as making changes in our workspace to create a more collaborative, efficient and productive environment for the future. Most importantly, NASBA volunteers and staff have listened intently to the feedback we received at the Regional Meetings, from the responses to the Regional Directors’ Focus Questions, and through Board visits, and we look forward to working to increase our assistance to the Boards of Accountancy.

Our “Mission Driven, Member Focused” mantra is heartfelt by all of us at NASBA. As we pass yet another milestone, I am so pleased with what we’ve accomplished and the direction in which we are going….in fact, I’m pumped!

Semper ad meliora. (Always toward better things.)

— Ken L. Bishop
President and CEO

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