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State Board Report

June 2014

Use of the federal taxpayer identification number in lieu of a Social Security number for professional licensing was approved by the California Senate in a 32-0 vote on May 8. SB 1159, a bill introduced by California Senator Ricardo Lara, now requires approval by the California Assembly, where it has been referred to three committees of reference. The legislation would cover about 40 state licensing boards, including the Board of Accountancy. The Public Policy Institute of California has estimated that the state’s workforce includes 1.85 million people who are undocumented aliens. In January 2014 (see January 2014 SBR) AB 0124 went into effect in California that permits undocumented aliens to receive a law license if certified by the State Bar.

SB 1159 would amend Section 30 of the Business and Professions Code so it would state that any board, the State Bar and the Bureau of Real Estate “shall not process an application for an initial license unless the applicant provides its federal employer identification number, or federal taxpayer identification number or Social Security number, if one has been issued to the individual, where requested on the application.” Similarly, the law provides for the release of the federal taxpayer identification number or the Social Security number to an examination or another state’s licensing entity only for the purpose of verification of licensure or examination status.

This legislation is included in NASBA Legislative and Governmental Affairs Director John Johnson’s high priority bill tracking list and can be followed through the Legislative Tracking service found on this website.

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