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State Board Report

May 2014

The NASBA Enforcement Resources Committee, chaired by Harry O. Parsons (NV), continues to work with NASBA staff to gather information from federal agencies regarding disciplinary or enforcement matters involving CPAs. As edited by Regulatory Affairs Manager Stacey Grooms, the quarterly Enforcement Report being sent to the Accountancy Boards’ Executive Directors now includes information gathered from the SEC A&A Reports and Litigation Releases, IRS Bulletins, and the PCAOB and AICPA web sites and publications.

To improve the ease of use of the quarterly report, more jurisdictional identifiers have been added. The spreadsheet’s first column shows any jurisdictions referenced in the federal report, including states of licensure, location of violation, court of jurisdiction, etc. For the April report, another column was added that brings in information from the Accountancy Licensee Database to assist Boards in identifying their licensees. The next quarterly report will be distributed in July.

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