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State Board Report

March 2014

Following a successful pilot project with the Missouri Board of Accountancy and subsequent successful implementations for the Tennessee and Virginia Boards of Accountancy, NASBA is now making its CPE Audit Service available to all Boards that are participating in the Accountancy Licensee Database (ALD) and providing hashed data that links licensee records across state lines. The program utilizes NASBA’s existing CPE compliance evaluation platform, CPEtracking, and the licensee data feeds received from Boards for the ALD. The combination of these two assets, along with some added functionality specific to the CPE audit process, offers a turnkey solution to Boards for conducting CPE audits, Rebecca Gebhardt, NASBA Associate Director of Regulatory Compliance Programs, explained at the Executive Directors Conference.

Tennessee launched the program in January 2014 and Virginia will go live with the system in April. NASBA has set up a test site for Mississippi to consider as well. Ms. Gebhardt stated that NASBA is able to implement the system for an Accountancy Board in 4-6 weeks’ time and has focused on making the implementation and training process as streamlined as possible.

In July 2013 Missouri notified its licensees that the CPE tracking system was being made available on a voluntary basis to all of them, and that anyone selected for a CPE audit was recommended to use the system. “The system allows the CPAs to enter credits earned and attach their scanned attendance records. The Board has administrative access to the system that allows the Board to see all the records entered including the supporting documentation. CPAs can even take a picture of the documents and upload the photo if they cannot scan,” explained Missouri Board Executive Director Tom DeGroodt. “To date 1,700 individuals have entered their accounts, or about 15 percent of our licensees. We can encourage them to use the system, but we cannot require it.” He noted that only 15 individuals asked his staff to upload their documents for them. In the fall of 2013, the tool was used to conduct the Board’s CPE audit and NASBA trained a Missouri staff member for that. “It is a really convenient tool. I have used it as a CPA myself,” Mr. DeGroodt said. “If you have your information in there, you have your documented evidence. So wherever you go as a CPA, it is available to you.”

Boards interested in more information about NASBA’s CPE Audit Service should contact Ms. Gebhardt at or (615) 564-2134.

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