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State Board Report

March 2014

NASBA is talking about services it can offer to State Boards and the resources it can provide to them, NASBA Chair Carlos Johnson told the Executive Directors, Board staff and legal counsel, who gathered in Savannah for conferences held March 3-5. “We will follow your lead,” he assured the audience as he summarized with President Ken Bishop NASBA’s recent and forthcoming activities. “The Uniform Accountancy Act is an evergreen document, changing from year to year. Topics the UAA Committee will consider include: when a CPA has to make records available to ex-clients and what happens when a CPA is a whistleblower.”

Chair Johnson reported: “We have created a leadership group to help us consider new ways of identifying and attracting future leaders to represent NASBA. We need to promote and spotlight people from NASBA so that those who make appointments will be aware of them, and we want to do that with Executive Directors too.” President Bishop underscored that getting people appointed to groups gives the State Boards and NASBA name recognition. “We are going to nurture and promote people to important boards that have input on what you do,” he told the Executive Directors.

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