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State Board Report

December 2013

Several of the many task forces spawned by the American Accounting Association’s Pathways Commission’s recommendations are scheduled to have work products completed by the end of 2013. One identifiable product, displayed by Professor Karen Pincus at NASBA’s 2013 Annual Meeting, was the visual portrayal of the perceived versus the actual role and function of accounting in society (see accompanying graphic). This stemmed from a task force’s visioning session, facilitated by Dan Roam, to identify the ideal first exposure to accounting. The task force is encouraging educators to use the graphic in their classes and in posters to show what people should understand as a result of their first term of accounting.

Slated for completion by the end of 2013 is a mapping of the Accounting Common Body of Knowledge (ACBOK). The task force is reviewing the competencies identified in recent years by U.S. and international professional organizations and is beginning to identify the knowledge, skills and competencies that constitute the ACBOK. Upon completion, feedback is to be obtained from professional and academic constituencies in order to achieve alignment and commitment.

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