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State Board Report

September 2013

The American Accounting Association’s 2013 Annual Meeting, held in Anaheim, CA, August 5-7, saw a NASBA delegation, headed by Vice Chair Carlos Johnson (OK), Executive Vice President Colleen Conrad, International Evaluation Services Director James Suh, Center for the Public Trust President Alfonzo Alexander, Report Product Manager Matthew Wilkins and ALL Administrator Leona Johnson, staffing an information booth to let the 3,000 educators attending the meeting learn about NASBA’s activities, services and products offered to State Boards and the academic community.

The theme of the AAA’s meeting was “Brilliantly Disguised Opportunities,” with speakers focusing on the many challenges being faced by higher education, including: the impact of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), the disappearance of print journals, financial pressures on tuition levels, accreditation and student loan debt. AAA President 2012-13 Karen Pincus, who will be addressing NASBA’s Annual Meeting in October, discussed the AAA’s “Sharpening Our Vision Project.”

NASBA Vice Chair Carlos Johnson was pleased with the many educators who came to the NASBA booth to discuss NASBA’s activities with the attentive staff. The conference attendees were particularly interested in discussing the customized school reports that NASBA is producing, as well as the NASBA International Evaluation Services, the NASBA accounting education research grant program and the student chapters of the Center for the Public Trust. Dr. Johnson, who was head of the Business School at East Central University in Ada, OK, and also taught at Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma, said he intends to work closely with the educational community during his tenure as an officer of NASBA.

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