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State Board Report

September 2013

Action steps to promote diversity within NASBA’s leadership are being proposed by a special task force created by NASBA Past Chair Mark P. Harris (LA). The inspiration for the task force’s formation came from the “Fishbowl Contest,” Mr. Harris organized last year, which garnered several suggestions that NASBA work to bring more women and minorities into its leadership ranks. The task force’s first meeting was held August 22 in NASBA’s New York City office. Led by NASBA Vice President – Strategic Planning Ed Barnicott, the group included: Maria E. Caldwell (FL), Edwin G. Jolicouer (WA), Chandra Lalvani (PA), Willie B. Sims (MS), Sandra R. Wilson (AK) and Past Chair Harris. The task force’s recommendations will be presented to the NASBA Chair.

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