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State Board Report

September 2013

NASBA Uniform Accountancy Act Committee Chair Kenneth R. Odom (AL) is reminding State Boards and other interested parties to consider the proposed revisions to the UAA (dated July 17, 2013), and to submit their comments to staff liaison Louise Dratler Haberman ( by October 17, 2013.

The proposed change to the definition of “attest” broadens it to include all services performed in accordance with the Statements on Standards for Attestation Engagements. To minimize any potential impact on mobility, services are being added to “attest” as a separate subsection in the definition, apart from examinations of prospective financial information, which is already covered in the definition. Revisions to the definition of “report” are also being proposed as well as other edits in keeping with the proposed “attest” expansion.

The NASBA/AICPA UAA Committee believes the proposed change in the “attest” definition will make the UAA flexible enough so that major amendments to the Act would not be needed as future developments occur in assurance standards or in marketplace demands for assurance services.

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