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State Board Report

August 2013

On July 31 the year ended for NASBA – the fiscal year that is. It was a remarkable year for NASBA, and an important one for me as my first complete fiscal year as your President and CEO. We scored many positive accomplishments:

  • FY 2013 was the best financial year in NASBA’s history;
  • State Boards received a record amount of direct support and assistance from NASBA;
  • Three former NASBA chairs were appointed to important national positions and many other NASBA
    delegates, associates and leaders were tapped for key appointments;
  • New important relationships were forged and existing ones enhanced;
  • Challenging issues were successfully worked through;
  • An unprecedented deep-dive assessment of NASBA’s internal operations and systems was completed and, as a result,
    implementation of changes and improvements started;
  • Positive steps were taken to increase diversity within NASBA;
  • And, most importantly, ties with State Boards have been strengthened, resulting in increased participation in NASBA’s meetings
    and committees.

Looking back, I think we can do a little “chest thumping” as we should all be proud of the past year’s accomplishments, a few of which I just cited. As a volunteer governed and driven organization, even the unity and collaboration that made these successes happen is a positive and significant feat. However, after amply congratulating ourselves, it is time to begin looking forward to the new year.

It is interesting that when we use the word “year” at NASBA it can mean several things. I just described our fiscal year (8/1 to 7/31). There is the Chair/Board/Committee (the Chair’s) year that runs between Annual Meetings and ends, this year, on October 29, 2013. Of course there is also the calendar year, which often links to the “legislative” year calendar that is of critical importance to NASBA and State Boards. All have relevance and importance to NASBA and all create both challenges and opportunities.

As we close the books on NASBA’s past fiscal year, we begin operating in the new fiscal year’s budget. NASBA staff is taking on formidable tasks and goals in FY-2014 which include developing the next generation IT infrastructure for NASBA, which encompasses the CPA Examination Gateway system that supports the administration of the Uniform CPA Examination worldwide and 24/7.

As we enter the final quarter of the Chair’s year, we have begun the important discussion about the appropriate role of Boards of Accountancy in standards setting. Our Chair, Gaylen Hansen, has appointed a Standard Setting Study Group (see story page 1) to explore the Boards’ current and historical role and level of participation in the standards setting processes. More importantly, the Study Group will consider where we should strive to be in the future.

Looking forward to the next Chair’s year, and the expressed goal of incoming Chair Carlos Johnson to enhance our relationships and relevance in the sphere of accounting education, NASBA is participating in an unprecedented way with the education community. That process launches with NASBA’s ramped up involvement in this year’s American Accounting Association (AAA) annual meeting.

Looking forward to the new calendar/legislative year, our Legislative and Governmental Affairs Office is already monitoring hundreds of proposals and bills, countrywide, that might impact our members as we prepare to provide support where needed. Our Human Resources and Finance Departments are looking to next year and closely monitoring the impact of federally-mandated health insurance that is already driving up NASBA’s benefits costs.

As we are looking back at the accomplishments of the fiscal year, it is important that we don’t rest on our laurels, and that we continue to strive to develop new strategies and ways to support our member Boards. I am looking forward to seeing the results of our CPE Auditing tool’s pilot project, our enhanced legislative capability, our improved CPA Examination Services and our new Center for the Public Trust Student Chapters, as well as the ramped up relevance of Boards of Accountancy.

Most importantly, as I am looking back, I am also looking forward to working with you in all of our new “years”! Together we can believe the best is yet to be.

Semper ad meliora. (Always toward better things.)

— Ken L. Bishop
President and CEO

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