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State Board Report

August 2013

Educators from Bryant University, Mississippi State University and the University of Notre Dame have been named recipients of NASBA’s Accounting Education Research Grant. Dr. Karen Turner, Chair of the NASBA Education Committee, announced the following projects have been granted funding by NASBA:

  • “A Comparison of CPA Exam Performance by Candidates from For-Profit and Not-For- Profit Institutions” – Conducted by Dr. H. Fred Mittelstaedt and Dr. Michael H. Morris of the University of Notre Dame.
  • “Developing a Model Accounting Curriculum: Which Attributes of Accounting Degree Programs Predict CPA Exam Success?” – Conducted by Dr. Dennis Line, Dr. Stephen Perreault and Dr. Xiachuan Zheng of Bryant University.
  • “The Influence of Gender on CPA Exam Pass Rates” – Conducted by Dr. Brad S. Trinkle and Dr. Jim Scheiner of Mississippi State University.

NASBA’s Accounting Education Research Grants Program, established in 2011, aims to advance research on educational issues impacting the regulation of the public accounting profession. The program is open to faculty and post-doctoral researchers at U.S. academic institutions.

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