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State Board Report

July 2013

On June 28, 2013, the NASBA Nominating Committee met in Chicago, IL, and selected the following individuals as their nominees for the Directors-at-Large, Regional Directors and Nominating Committee, as reported by Nominating Committee Chair, Mark P. Harris (LA):

Directors-at-Large (three-year terms):

  • Donald H. Burkett (Delegate – SC)
  • Janice L. Gray (Delegate – OK)
  • Harry O. Parsons (Delegate – NV)

Regional Directors (one-year terms):

  • Pacific – Donald F. Aubrey (Delegate – WA)
  • Mountain – Richard N. Reisig (Delegate – MT)
  • Southwest – A. Carlos Barrera (Delegate – TX)
  • Central – Douglas W. Skiles (Delegate – NE)
  • Great Lakes – W. Michael Fritz (Delegate – OH)
  • Southeast – Jimmy E. Burkes (Delegate – MS)
  • Middle Atlantic – Tyrone E. Dickerson (Delegate – VA)
  • Northeast – John F. Dailey (Delegate – NJ)

As previously announced, the Committee selected Walter C.Davenport (Associate-NC) as their Vice Chair nominee, who will accede to the office of NASBA Chair 2014-15 should he be elected by the member Boards at the Annual Business Meeting on October 29, 2013, to be held in Maui, Hawaii.

Nominations may also be made by any five member Boards if filed with NASBA Chair Gaylen R. Hansen at least 10 days before the Annual Business Meeting. A majority vote of the designated voting representatives of the member Boards attending the Annual Meeting shall constitute an election provided a quorum is present.

Under the provisions of NASBA’s Bylaws, at the 2013 Annual Meeting, Carlos E. Johnson (Associate-OK) will accede to the office of NASBA Chair and Mr. Hansen (Associate-CO) will accede to the office of Past Chair. Continuing to serve for the balance of their unexpired terms: Directors-at-Large (third year of three-year term) – Richard Isserman (Associate-NY), Kenneth R. Odom (Delegate-AL), Laurie J. Tish (Associate-WA); (second year of three-year term) – Raymond N. Johnson (Associate-OR), Telford A. Lodden (Associate-IA) and E. Kent Smoll (Associate-KS).

At the 2013 Regional Meetings, half of the Nominating Committee’s members and alternate members were selected by four Regions, in accordance with Article VII, Section 3 of the Bylaws, with the other half having been selected at the 2012 Regional Meetings.

The newly elected members to the 2013-2015 Nominating Committee are:

  • Southwest – Michael A. Tham (LA) member,
    James W. Goad (MS) alternate
  • Mountain – Patrick M. Thorne (NV) member,
    Karen F. Turner (CO) alternate
  • Northeast –Michael Weinshel (CT) member,
    James S. Ciarcia (CT) alternate
  • Great Lakes – Claireen Herting (IL) member,
    Margaret A. Houston (OH) alternate.

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