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State Board Report

November 2012

NASBA Director of Legislative and Governmental Affairs John Johnson led an Annual Meeting panel discussing legislative issues that three boards had faced during the past year and a measurement tool that the State Board Relevance and Effectiveness Committee is designing.

Carlos Johnson (OK) presented a summary of the work of a Governor-appointed task force that he chaired in Oklahoma, aimed at consolidating boards. Instead, the task force recommended that professional licensing and enforcement issues continue to be managed by existing licensing boards and that the state use a common business registration and licensing system administered by the Office of State Finance.

In Georgia, Secretary of State Brian Kemp had proposed creation of the Georgia Board of Licensing and Regulation (GBLR), composed only of consumer members. The GBLR would hear appeals made by the Director of Professional Licensing and review for approval rules recommended by the 43 professional licensing boards, which would all be converted to policy boards. Wanda W. Goodson, a member of the Georgia Board explained that the plan would have no skilled professionals on the GBLR, the authority of the licensing boards would be stripped, and no time would be saved in processing licenses. That bill was withdrawn, but a new proposal is being worked on that would have all complaints going to the Secretary of State’s office and the professional licensing boards recommending 10 members to act as “subject matter experts,” who would resolve the complaints. Ms. Goodson said, although the idea of the “super board” has been abandoned, the proposal that is being considered adds a new level of bureaucracy that couldn’t be cost effective.

Wyoming had drafted legislation inspired by a federal report aimed at ensuring professional licensing procedures do not hinder military families, but it was written in such a way that it would have allowed CPA licensure with only military experience. Wyoming Board Executive Director Pamela Ivey thanked NASBA President Ken Bishop and Vice President Dan Dustin for their help in putting together resources that convinced the state’s legislators that the bill needed more work. The redrafted language “looks good,” Ms. Ivey said and it is anticipated the modified bill will be introduced in January.

To help State Boards have documentation of their effectiveness, the Committee on State Board Effectiveness and Relevance has been working on establishing metrics that show what the Board has accomplished. Committee Chair Bucky Glover explained: “We will provide an annual benchmarking tool for Boards to use. We would like all Boards to participate. It will be a tool, not to evaluate Boards, but to assist the Boards in getting better. The Committee hopes the Boards will consider using this tool to demonstrate how they can be better.”

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