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State Board Report

November 2012

Educators are constantly trying to stay current with what is on the horizon, Mary E. Barth, president-elect of the American Accounting Association, told the NASBA Annual Meeting. To accomplish that the AAA is setting up task forces to consider what educators should be working on in teaching, research and service. “The AAA’s vision is to be thought leaders in the accounting profession,” Professor Barth stated.

By 2020 the students will have been using technology since they were toddlers, Dr. Barth noted. The rapid explosion of technology will impact not only the content of education, but also the way in which its delivery is handled. For example, Stanford University, where Dr. Barth is a professor of accounting, has produced three on-line free courses that went to 160,000 students in 150 countries. At this point these MOOC (massive open on line courses) are all experimental.

The AAA’s Annual Meeting in 2014 will be focused on “Global Perspectives and Opportunities,” Dr. Barth said. “The thought of going global is daunting to many. I teach GAAP and IFRS.”

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