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State Board Report

September 2012

The Oregon Department of Revenue has conducted internal investigations on how a $2.1 million refund was dispensed on a debit card to Krystie Reyes, who had claimed an income of $3.5 million. She was ultimately prosecuted and sentenced to 5 ½ years in prison for felony theft and tax evasion. But The Oregonian, following up on the case, sought to obtain the names of the Department of Revenue workers who failed to catch the return, flagged because the refund was more than $50,000. The agency refused to give the paper the names of the workers and The Oregonian filed an appeal with the Attorney General on August 1 under the state’s public records act. On August 21 that appeal was denied by the Attorney General’s office.

The Oregonian reported the Attorney General’s opinion stated: “We conclude that no public interest would be served by releasing the names of the four public employees.” The Department’s investigation had not found any evidence of collusion or the breaking of any laws, the opinion stated.

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