State Board Report

August 2012

NASBA's Board of Directors at their July 27 meeting in Newport, RI, passed three resolutions recommended by the Bylaws Committee to guide the NASBA Chair's appointments of committee members and chairs. Rather than recommending a Bylaws change, the Bylaws Committee felt that resolutions would give the NASBA Chair flexibility to handle special situations, Bylaws Committee Chair Jim Burkes (MS) explained. In the three resolutions the Board of Directors encourage the Chair to:

  • Appoint chairs and members of committees with a preferred goal of having standing and other committees' memberships comprised of at least a majority of delegates, unless otherwise specified by the Bylaws or applicable Board resolutions.
  • Appoint chairs of standing and other committees who are members of the Board of Directors unless otherwise specified by the Bylaws or applicable Board resolutions.
  • Appoint members and chairs of committees with a view toward seeking routine rotation or turnover in those who serve as committee members or chairs.

Chair Mark Harris (LA) told the Board that the Strategic Planning Group has been meeting regularly and expects to have a document ready for presentation to the Board members in advance of their October meeting. He said it is anticipated the plan will be used by NASBA volunteers and staff for many years. The Planning Group will next meet on September 4-5 in Dallas.

The Board also heard reports on NASBA's activities, including a presentation by Compliance Services Director Maria Caldwell on three high priority programs. Ms. Caldwell explained that the staff has taken as the framework for their assignments: "Standardize. Automate. Innovate. And quantify results." This was first applied to the CPE Sponsor Registry, which resulted in close to 300 new applications being handled this year (up from 209 last year) and 240 renewals (up from 204 last year). Similarly, the Accountancy Licensee Database has grown to cover 36 jurisdictions this year with eight in the implementation pipeline and only four jurisdictions not being committed to becoming part of the ALD.

Lessons learned from the Registry project were applied to CPAverify, which was launched in October 2011 and now has 31 Boards participating, 14 implementing this year and only 10 not committed, Ms. Caldwell reported. The plan is to get all 55 jurisdictions on board, she told the NASBA Board.

CPE Audit Service is the next project to be tackled by the Compliance Services group, Ms. Caldwell said. NASBA has the on-line application technology, the ALD data feeds and those can be put together with the CPE Tracking rules engine, she explained. NASBA does have the capability to show compliance for the entire population, Ms. Caldwell stated. The Internal Revenue Service currently has its CPE reported electronically, she pointed out.

Suggestions for enhancing NASBA's meetings were presented by the Communications Committee's Subcommittee chaired by Donny Burkett (SC). Some of the suggestions had been incorporated into the June 2012 Regional Meetings, including the discussion of table topics during the first day's luncheon and the presentation of the "FISH" motivational philosophy by NASBA's Senior Vice President and COO Michael Bryant.

A best practices guide for continuing professional education program sponsors is set to be launched early in August on the CPE Web site, announced CPE Committee Chair Telford Lodden (IA). The revised CPE program standards went into effect on July 1, 2012. The National Registry Summit will be held September 23-24, 2012 in Nashville, with Elliott Massey and Tim Moore as featured speakers. The CPE Committee is planning to hold these conferences annually, rotating the location to have one year's forum in Nashville and the next year's in another major city.

State Board executive directors received the Enforcement Resource Committee's guide in June, reported Committee Chair Harry Parsons (NV). He also announced subject matter experts and executive directors are working with the Enforcement Committee's members on the investigator resource project, which they hope to have completed by the Annual Meeting in October.

The next session of NASBA U, a program to acquaint State Board staff with the resources NASBA offers to State Boards, is scheduled for September 13-14 in Nashville, Executive Directors Committee Chair Pamela Ives Hill (MO) announced. Planning is underway for the 2013 Executive Directors Conference, to be held in Tucson, AZ, March 3-6.

Executive Vice President and COO Colleen Conrad told the Board that the volume of test takers at non-U.S. CPA Examination test sites continues to increase. No security problems have been reported at the international test sites. Additional sites are being considered, she reported.

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