State Board Report

July 2012

With 172 attendees at the Eastern Regional Meeting, June 13-15 in Philadelphia, and 159 at the Western Regional, June 27-29 in Anchorage, NASBA President Ken L. Bishop proudly announced the theme for the meeting – and his administration: "Mission Driven, Member Focused." Mr. Bishop told the meetings that he sees his responsibility as NASBA's CEO is to take the organization to the next level. "NASBA has done a great job in promoting our business interests. We became more relevant in the U.S. and globally, but we said we can do more. We know that everything we are doing is focused on assisting our member Boards," Mr. Bishop said.

"The last few years our strategic planning has been focused on NASBA's business units," observed NASBA Chair Mark P. Harris. "This year we are bringing in representatives of all our stakeholders, with only four staff members. This summer you will all be part of the planning," he told the NASBA audiences.

The Accountancy Licensee Database is "strictly a service for State Boards," President Bishop told the meetings. "With ALD the State Board can look up where the person is licensed and do the due diligence that is needed. Most states are politically on board now, and NASBA will pay for conversion where there is an IT problem," he said. As for CPAVerify, President Bishop explained, "This is not to put people in harm's way. It is for the public to make sure that the people they are about to use are properly registered."

President Bishop reviewed ways in which NASBA is improving and increasing its services to the State Boards. He reported: "NASBA has a business side to it and most of what we do has competitors. We are dealing with a candidate generation that expects instant gratification, so now over 99 percent of what we do is done online. We moved evaluation of CPA Examination candidate credentials from requiring up to six weeks to taking just 5-6 days. That same streamlining has been put to use for the CPE Sponsor Registry. Now we are going down the path for international candidates' credential evaluation, as we were asked to do by State Boards. We are asking the State Boards to use this new NASBA service – let us show you how well we can do it."

Chair Harris encouraged all present to send him their thoughts for the "Goldfish Bowl" competition. He requested suggestions on how NASBA could better serve the State Boards. He explained a contest entry could be some change in NASBA's governance, a possible future service or a subtle change in a present service. The person who submits the winning suggestion will be assigned to a task force that will meet in NASBA's new New York City conference room to consider how it should be implemented.

The Regional Meetings were moderated by NASBA's Regional Directors: Jimmy E. Burkes (MS), Jefferson Chickering (NH), Bucky Glover (NC), Janice L. Gray (OK), Raymond N. Johnson (OR), Telford A. Lodden (IA), Kim Tredinnick (WI), and Karen Forrest Turner (CO). Handout material and videotapes of the meetings can be found on This issue of the State Board Report includes a few of the highlights from those meetings.

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